Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Paper Chase // God bless your black heart

01. Said the Spider to the Fly
02. One Day He Went Out for Milk and Never Came Home
03. What I'd Be Without Me
04. Sinking Ship the Grand Applause
05. Piggy's Had Too Much Wine
06. Ready, Willing, Cain and Able
07. Now, We Just Slowly Circle the Draining Fish Bowl
08. War Is Coming
09. Your Ankles to Your Earlobes
10. Let's Be Bad, Henry, Let's Be Really Bad
11. Now You're Gonna Get It
12. Abby, You're Going to Burn for What You've Done to Me
13. Your Pretty Little Head
14. Dying With Decent Music

MorbidPowerNoisePop with the best song EVER:
"Said the spider to the fly"


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